Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is unwanted sound which is generated by various sources. This sound can interfere with the standards of living in a given location and has been suggested to interfere with our mental health. We don’t really think about noise pollution because it exists all around us and always has.

These are some of the general causes of noise pollution:

  • City infrastructure

When loud industrial factories are placed near homes, this creates a lot of disturbing noise for those that are trying to live their lives nearby. Likewise, social events such as concert halls, bars, and parties all may contribute unwanted noise to a given area. Inevitably, medium to large cities will create a lot of noise for this reason.

  • Transport Vehicles
noise pollution
Noise pollution caused by cars. Image by thienzieyung

Transportation causes a lot of noise pollution because cars, trains, buses, airplanes, and just about every form of transport generates noise in order to function. Transport vehicles are present in all corners of the world and add to the noise which we hear every day.

  • Household appliances

From a ticking clock to a rumbling refrigerator, all sorts of sounds are heard in our own homes which can cause irritation to those that live inside. Even though these appliances are not as loud as previous listed causes, they still add up.

Why is noise pollution bad?

Noise pollution has been suggested to impact our health both mentally and physically. Unwanted sounds can generate hearing loss, sleeping problems, and communication problems across a household. Furthermore, nearby wildlife will commonly be disturbed by too much noise and we see a loss of wildlife habitat partially for this reason.