Light Pollution

Light pollution refers to the excess of light in a given area. Just like noise pollution,

light pollution
Light pollution in Salt Lake City.Image by makelessnoise

light pollution is unwanted. This is noticed around many major cities in the world.

The causes of light pollution are:

  • Lights

This one is pretty obvious. Light pollution is caused by city lights and large metropolitan cities show a lot of light pollution. Light pollution is also caused on a smaller scale by street lights shining into homes. Many lights today have really broad ranges and will light up areas which are way outside the range necessary.

Why is light pollution bad?

Light pollution is a problem largely because it is unpleasant for people and ruins their standards of living. Research suggests that light pollution negatively affects the sleeping patterns of humans. Astronomers have also had a problem with excessive lighting for a long time because it interferes with their observatories.