Air Pollution

Air pollution can come about because of both human and natural activities.

Nature will add pollutants to the air via many processes such as forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and dry soil erosions. The key thing to note is that naturally caused pollutants are generally filtered out by processes such as the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle whereas humans can cause an overload of pollutants which aren’t effectively filtered.

Human caused air pollution includes:

  • Factories and power plants

The industrial revolution has brought about many factories. These manufacturing plants emit fumes which go into the air. These fumes will carry dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, especially in heavily populated areas.

  • Fossil Fuels

One of the major causes for pollution is the burning of fossil fuels. Almost all of the

air pollution
Image by eutrophication&hypoxia

vehicles we use for transportation emit fossil fuels. Everything which burns gasoline from cars to airplanes require fossil fuels to work.  This problem is very difficult to manage because people largely rely on these vehicles for transportation. The gases released from vehicle exhaust are very harmful to breathe and cause health problems for people.

  • Chemicals

There are all sorts of cleaning products and household supplies which, when sprayed, will emit chemicals into the air which cause air pollution. A lot of farming products and practices such as crop dusting, pesticides, and fertilizer also emit more chemicals and cause harm to people who breathe them.

  • Waste Deposition

Landfills cause air pollution as well because the garbage which accumulates causes a buildup of methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas which is very capable of trapping heat and therefore can contribute to problems such as global warming.

Why is Air Pollution Bad?

These air pollution facts are a problem because it causes us to breathe harmful toxins, makes us sick, and increases our medical bills each year. Air pollution also causes water pollution because the toxins will also form acid rain which in turns goes into our water supply. Due to these toxins, the effects of air pollution are known to damage our environment and wildlife significantly.