Global Warming Facts: What is Global Warming?

What is Global Warming?
Global warming is caused by pollutants such as monofluorocarbons and carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by something called the greenhouse effect. This is a gradual effect that happens over a long period of time and it’s implications will not be felt for many years. However the overall impact this phenomenon can have on the world can have devastating effects on the global economy, ecology, and the environment.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?
The greenhouse effect occurs when the heat from the sun can enter the Earth’s atmosphere as readily as always, but due to several natural and human processes which have occurred, the warmth from the Sun reaches the Earth and gets trapped, unable to escape as readily as it can enter due to the thinning of the atmosphere this is why the lower atmosphere, and thus average temperatures, are warmer than before.

What are the Implications of Global Warming?
Global warming can cause a change in the overall temperatures in the earth gradually. This change will cause the polar ice caps to melt which will in turn cause sea levels to rise around the world. Therefore this poses a serious risk to many countries and cities around the world which are currently at or below sea level. These countries will have to spend a lot of money and resources in order to cope with the upcoming changes. This can cause a severe backlash in the economy of the world which will be felt especially by countries with limited resources. Another implication is that global warming causes climate change and can bring on problems to agriculture such as drought. This can in turn cause another economic backlash due to the fact that areas which before were able to sustainably produced a high yield of crops will now have a challenge at being able to do so. Yet another challenge is the fact that in order to put resources forth into combating global warming, a higher energy demand is needed globally which in turn means that more fossil fuels will be used and since we know that fossil fuels are an unsustainable non-renewable resource this will also cause economic backlash which will be felt globally.

Isn’t Global Warming Something Politicians Use to Try and Get Elected?
In the mass media and in common discussion among the public there is often a lot of opinion which states that global warming has just been made up and all of this is part of a natural process; in other words: humans didn’t create global warming but climate change occurs naturally every now and then. Politicians just use this issue to try to get elected. In order to answer whether this is true, we need to look at the first part:

Is Global Warming only a Natural Process?
While it is true that climate change does occur naturally and science does show data that there are in fact cycles historically in the earth’s climate, most scientists agree that humans are also contributing and furthering the effect making the climate change worse. Also what many politicians and the naysayers fail to recognize is that we have no choice but to address these issues because whether it is man-made or not doesn’t stop the severe economic problems and ecological and agricultural complications that this could cause. It’s happening. We can try to guess why all we want or we can try to come up with solutions. While some may disagree on global warming, no one really argues about pollution. We know pollution exists and that through combating pollution and attempting to reduce it, we are also addressing the same things which cause global warming. Climate change still needs to be addressed regardless of whether or not this is man-made. Lastly, politics aside, the scientific community is all but unanimous that humans do play a significant role in the climate change.

What are Steps That are Being Taken to Combat Global Warming?
The steps taken to combat global warming fall  into several categories. Firstly scientists are trying to find a more sustainable form of fuel. Since a lot of current fossil fuels are responsible for the global carbon dioxide emissions as well as emissions of other pollutants,  investing into sources of renewable energy such as solar power or geothermal energy or wind power and finding a way to harness these more efficiently can largely cut out the polluting effect that our current energy sources have. Another effort to combat global warming falls into conservation. For instance deforestation is a huge issue where many of our trees and forests globally have been cut down and therefore carbon dioxide is not being converted into oxygen at the same rate. Another large effort to combat global warming has been seen through individual and non-profit organizations in the form of sustainable practices such as recycling reducing personal waste and taking care to reduce each individual persons global footprint. This leads us to the final question:

What Can You do to Help?
What each individual person can do to help is to be mindful of how much waste they are creating. Is it truly necessary to create all the waste that you are or can you easily cut it down? After taking a second to think about it, everyone usually finds out that through a little bit of simple personal habit changes they can significantly reduce their global footprint and lower the amount of money they are spending regularly. You can look into sustainable practices such as recycling or using other cleaner forms of energy. When every person on the planet is more mindful of the impact they have this can produce a big change in the overall mentality of the world on pollution and global warming. In addition if you are interested to help making career choices or simply attempting to influence others can go a long way to solving this global issue!